Kitchen cleaning tips or for end of tenancy cleaning purpose

Kitchen cleaning tips or for end of tenancy cleaning purpose

Are you looking for end of tenancy cleaning or need a deep clean?

Here are some deep cleaning kitchen tips

Keeping the kitchen clean and smelling good after a meal is a tiring and difficult task. There are a lot of things which have to be taken care of in the kitchen. The utensils, sink, garbage area and the different appliances used in the kitchen must be cleaned regularly. If the drainage system gets clogged it creates a lot of problem. To get rid of this problem first the sink has to be cleaned. Then one has to pour one cup baking soda with another cup of salt and a half cup of vinegar.  The sink is set free for a few minutes. After this, flushing of the sink with hot water is done and the clog is removed. end-of-tenancy-cleaning There are various utensils and appliances washed in the sink. In this process sometimes scratches are observed in the sink. To regain the smoothness of it, you could make use of Pumice Stine. The porcelain sink is filled with water and the pumice stone is scoured on the scratches. This will make the surface smooth. The other major problem in the kitchen is the removal of marks of burnt or over baked food on the utensils. Usually a lot of rubbing is needed for this purpose. But a better solution to this is spreading a dryer sheet in the pan, filling it with warm water and leaving it overnight. In the morning it just has to be sponged. To remove the stubborn spots from the pans and the utensils scrubbing is not the only solution. Usage of 2 spoons of baking powder, ½ cup vinegar and 1 cup of water is boiled in the same utensil from which the stain is to be removed. If the utensils are looking dirty with the water stains one can use a little vinegar to get rid from stain. Water stains from stainless steel can be removed with the use of a little alcohol.
  • To have clean burners and stove one has to remove the stove and wash it gently with the detergent or the washing solution used for washing the dishes. If there are burnt marks on it, baking powder can be used with warm water. Even if the parts are soaked in this solution it becomes easy to get rid of the stains.
  • In order to remove the greasiness from any area in the kitchen such as the cabinets or the flooring one can make solution at home. The solution can be made from ½ cup of borax, two spoons of laundry detergent, one table spoon of ammonia, and one gallon of warm water. This solution is used to get rid from the greasiness of the cabinets or any other region.
  • To remove the wax from the utensil it has either refrigerated or it is heated on the flame. If it is made chilled flakes of wax will turn out. If heating is done wax will melt. You could also make use of soaking paper that is easily available in the market to set it free of wax.
To remove any kind of stains and spots from any area in the kitchen, a home made solution can be used which quite economical. The mixture of two table spoons baking powder and quarter cup warm water will set any area free from stain. If the stain is a tough one baking powder can be used to rub on the place and enjoy the spot free region.

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