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Cleaning after apartment repair

2019-10-01Learn how to clean after apartment repair – tips from professional cleaning company in London.

Dust, debris, stains of paint, glue and mortar – yes that was not what you expected when you were looking forward to the end of the repair.

However, construction work is a dirty business. Therefore, cleaning after the renovation is a necessary final step on the way to the interior of your dreams. It is better to entrust this unpleasant work to those who know how to cope with it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


What includes in general cleaning of premises after repair?

If your apartment is small, you can try to clean up on your own, which will require a lot of time and money – because you have to buy individual cleaning compounds that will help wipe off all this dirt. It is possible that in the process, you spoil a fresh laminate or tile – simply because you do not know how to remove dirt without damage to the finishing materials carefully. Is it worth the risk? And if we are talking about a large room – a cottage or office – the help of professionals is even more necessary.

There are several reasons why it is better to entrust the cleaning company after the repair:


After repair, the dirt is not ordinary dust and to clean it, experts use particular substances (often quite expensive), for each material and type of pollution. Professionals have the necessary skills to work with such cleaning products and have extensive experience in their application.

Our company use only environmentally friendly and high-quality professional powders and liquids that do not harm health.

We have all the necessary equipment for high-quality cleaning after repair – industrial vacuum cleaners, steam generators, dry cleaning equipment at home.

Cleaning after repair includes several stages, and it doesn’t matter whether it is an apartment, a country house or a shopping center – the work plan is always about the same:

  • Cleaning, packaging, removal of construction waste and preliminary cleaning of the premises.
  • We are removing building dust from all surfaces with a professional vacuum cleaner and specialized tools.
  • We are removing residues of building materials from all surfaces, removing stains.
  • Washing and rubbing floors, if necessary – grinding the floor covering.
  • Wet cleaning of all surfaces, as well as furniture inside and out.
  • Washing and cleaning of bathrooms with disinfection.
  • Dry cleaning of furniture and textile floor coverings.
  • Washing and polishing windows (washing them on both sides, along with slopes, window sills and refluxes, the balcony block or the glazed balcony are similarly removed).

Cleaning a cottage or a spacious house after the repair is a challenging task. First of all, due to the peculiarities of the premises: in country houses, there are usually high ceilings, large, sometimes stained-glass windows. To efficiently clean such a room from dust, we need special lightweight construction tours – towers that will allow cleaners to get to even the most inaccessible corners. Besides, often, the owners of cottages decorate the halls with chandeliers of sophisticated design, and costly and delicate materials are commonly used in decoration. To put them in order after the repair, exceptional knowledge and special detergents are required.


As already mentioned, cleaning the cottages after repair also involves cleaning the façade and cleaning the area, which, of course, affects the price.

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