Dry cleaning mattresses

Dry cleaning mattresses London

Dry cleaning mattresses London

Dry cleaning mattresses London

Good sleep depends on the microclimate in the bedroom, comfortable bed and clean bedding. Each time, changing bed linen, pay attention to the mattress, because it also needs to be cleaned. And this should be done at least once every six months. A mattress, as a rule, consists of a filler (for example, a spring block or latex) and upholstery (a first layer and cover). Cleaning the mattress should be very careful so as not to spoil either the filler or the upholstery because it quickly absorbs moisture and dries for a long time. Entrust this work to the specialists of our cleaning company. With the help of the most modern technology, our professionals will wipe clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner or, if necessary, dry-clean and dry it.

Mattresses are essential attributes of our lives.

We associate them with a pleasant rest, a sweet dream, and love joys. But how much time can they bring us pleasure before they wear out and lose their original appeal? And how to prolong their life? Mattresses, unlike bedding, cannot be washed or ironed. Therefore, over time, dust, dirt, moisture, pathogenic bacteria and parasites accumulate in them. And it does not depend on how clean you are and how often you take a shower. In order to clean your mattress from all such troubles, you should regularly resort to professional cleaning. And specialized companies with the necessary equipment and employees who know how to make your bed clean, safe and pleasant to the touch again are engaged in such cleaning. It is possible to disinfect and dry the mattresses in the sun, but this is very inconvenient and does not give such an effect as dry cleaning of the mattresses. Only by washing can a good result be achieved. However, pollution of bedding can cause not only poor health and unhealthy sleep, but can also cause diseases such as allergies, bronchial asthma and many others. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the cleanliness of your mattresses.

Our cleaning company

Our company regularly monitors new products and methods to improve the quality of cleaning, uses chemical products and solutions of the best foreign brands in its activities. All necessary certificates of quality and safety are provided if necessary. Among our clients, there are kindergartens, recreation centers and hotels where the surface must be clean, with a pleasant smell and 100% safe. We provide dry cleaning of mattress in London and the London region. Our qualified employees will do it through gentle and reliable products. Those products are subjected to stringent quality control and inspection. They will not jeopardize the well-being of the residents and the health of their beloved pets. If you decide to clean the mattress yourself, you should know a few simple rules. Determine the degree of contamination of the bed. If the upholstery is frequent, thoroughly clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner, and then wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. Such processing must be carried out from two sides. Do not make the bed immediately, leave the mattress open for a while for ventilation. The mattress should be dry. Therefore, if you spilt liquid on it, first of all, to prevent it from penetrating deeper, thoroughly blot the bed with a sponge, dry napkins or paper towels. Then, if necessary, proceed to remove stains. Remove small stains on the surface of the mattress a with the help of exclusive products designed for cleaning upholstered furniture. They quickly get stuck in thick foam, which is used to treat contaminated places. Easy remove the foam with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. It is important to choose cleaning products taking into account the mattress material.


Remember that the wrong choice of cleaning method or unsafe cleaning agent can ruin the mattress. To get rid of new spots, you can use the means at hand. If you find a stain of organic origin, try removing it with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of vinegar or citric acid. Porridge made from a mixture of salt and lemon juice is also an effective way to remove such stains: apply it to the stain and leave for several hours, and then remove with a sponge. To remove stains of inorganic origin, you can often use alcohol. It’s easy for them to remove fresh tea stains, grease stains and lipstick marks. To rid the mattress of odors, pour baking soda on its surface and leave it for a few days, and then vacuum it. If you have any questions, we are always ready to answer them. If you need advice, contact us, and we will help — payment for cleaning mattresses only at the end of work. We value our impeccable reputation and therefore carries out our work at the highest level. Our craftsmen are always polite and tidy. We are cleaning agency in London. We can offer Carpet Cleaning ServicesCurtain CleaningEnd of Tenancy CleaningMattress CleaningRug CleaningUpholstery Cleaning. So, let's talk.

Perks of hiring a cleaning agency London

Every move is associated with great organizational talent. There are many rules to follow. Even the smallest mistakes can ultimately cause a significant loss of time. Therefore, you must give some tasks to experienced professionals. So you can concentrate on the crucial things. But not only the new home wants to be designed, even if you are about to leave your old domicile you have to clean it first. When you are moving you are not thuinking about the cleaning the first place. That is not necessary. Because first of all, the focus should be on the new, the anticipation of the next stage of life outweigh. Otherwise, it could be with your old landlord quite a problem. Do not let it get that far and rely on a competent team.

We ensure a smooth transition with our cleaning support in order to avoid unnecessary stress.

Relocating also means stress that does not start on the day of the actual move. In advance, you must visit apartments, sign contracts, clarify furnishing issues and organize and coordinate many helpers. Once everything is stowed away in the moving carriages, it is all the better to concentrate entirely on the new home. Removal cleaning saves not only time, but also nerves. The old can be left behind, and the joy of the original begins. Removal cleaning brings with it specific demands on cleanliness and additional cleaning services. Anyone familiar with the cleaning housing market knows about the claims that landlords make. The behaviour of the landlord is quite understandable. Everyone likes to feel good when entering the new apartment, right?

We can cover

  • Large areas

Ensuring that the traces in the apartment are eliminated is task number one for us - whether in the living room, kitchen or dining area, bathroom or bedroom: This includes the cleaning of the floor and the walls. In addition, coarse grease and limescale are removed. Especially the cleaning of carpets requires good know-how and the right tools and cleaning agents. Otherwise, the sensitive floor can be irreversibly damaged if the cleaning agents are too aggressive or the mechanical friction is too high.
  • Small fine

Built-up materials usually show specific signs of wear. To remove these gently and with care means is the core of the work at a removal cleaning. Also, bent corners and built-in cupboards can be cleaned after their emptying and prepared for the housing purchase. Built-in items of home furnishings such as power sockets, steam vents and built-in cabinets are much used over time. Anyone who performs the housekeeping stress in the move stress quickly forgets to clean up the all too obvious things.
  • Often forgotten

In addition, some landlords require the cleaning of shutters, removal of mould in the joints of the wet rooms or the removal of nicotine residues on wood or plastic surfaces. Your advantages if you choose Crystal Carpet Cleaners: Professional cleaning of your home allows you to focus on coordination and organization during your move. This usually tasks enough.
  • Minimize stress
We will take care of the rest. Depending on the cut and size of the apartment as well as its condition, particular cleaning tasks can be carried out on request. Аdditional services can be booked in order to guarantee that the purchase of the apartment is successful.
    1. Keep track of costs
According to the two factors size and performance, the one-time costs are clarified in advance, and the conditions in the offer are adjusted.
      1. Ensure quality
In this way, you can look forward to move a little more relaxed. Our goal is to support you and to give you the security in the removal cleaning so you can feel safe and comfortable from the beginning in the new apartment to the completion of the living relationship. If you also want to leave the old life behind and minimize the relocation stress, you can contact us and tell your moving date. We are happy to take care of your removal cleaning.

We are fast on the spot

Incidentally, we are also happy to help you at short notice. Not every move is always predictable in advance. If things need to be done quickly, then we are glad to help you. Of course, we have the necessary equipment with us. Your moving will be handled promptly. After our work, your old residence shines in a completely new light. You leave an excellent impression with your former landlord. Especially when looking for a new home, this can be a decisive advantage for you. We are cleaning agency in London. We can offer Carpet Cleaning ServicesCurtain CleaningEnd of Tenancy CleaningMattress CleaningRug CleaningUpholstery Cleaning, etc. So, let's talk.  

Cleaning after repair

2019-10-01Learn how to clean after repair - tips from professional cleaning company in London. Cleaning after repair is a challenging task. Dust, debris, stains of paint, glue and mortar - yes, that was not what you expected when you were looking forward to the end of it. However, construction work is a dirty business. Therefore, cleaning after the renovation is a necessary final step on the way to the interior of your dreams. It is better to entrust this unpleasant work to those who know how to cope with it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What includes in general cleaning of premises after repair?

If your apartment is small, you can try to clean up on your own. Unfortunately it will require a lot of time and money. Especially if you have to buy individual cleaning compounds that will help wipe off all this dirt. It is possible that in the process, you spoil a fresh laminate or tile - simply because you do not know how to remove dirt without damage to the finishing materials carefully. Is it worth the risk? And if we are talking about a large room - a cottage or office - the help of professionals is even more necessary. There are several reasons why it is better to entrust the cleaning company after the repair: After repair, the dirt is not ordinary dust. In order to clean it, experts use particular substances (often quite expensive), for each material and type of pollution. Professionals have the necessary skills to work with such cleaning products. Not to mention, they have extensive experience in their application. Our company use only environmentally friendly and high-quality professional powders and liquids that do not harm health. We have all the necessary equipment for high-quality cleaning after repair - industrial vacuum cleaners, steam generators, dry cleaning equipment at home.

Cleaning after repair includes several stages. It doesn’t matter whether it is an apartment, a country house or a shopping center.

The work plan is always about the same:

  • Cleaning, packaging, removal of construction waste and preliminary cleaning of the premises.
  • We are removing building dust from all surfaces with a professional vacuum cleaner and specialized tools.
  • We are removing residues of building materials from all surfaces, removing stains.
  • Washing and rubbing floors, if necessary - grinding the floor covering.
  • Wet cleaning of all surfaces, as well as furniture inside and out.
  • Washing and cleaning of bathrooms with disinfection.
  • Dry cleaning of furniture and textile floor coverings.
  • Washing and polishing windows (washing them on both sides, along with slopes, window sills and refluxes, the balcony block or the glazed balcony are similarly removed).

Cleaning after repair a cottage or a spacious house is a challenging task.

First of all, due to the peculiarities of the premises: in country houses, there are usually high ceilings, large, sometimes stained-glass windows. To efficiently clean such a room from dust, we need special lightweight construction towers. They will allow cleaners to get to even the most inaccessible corners. Besides, often, the owners of cottages decorate the halls with chandeliers of sophisticated design. Even so, costly and delicate materials are commonly used in decoration. To put them in order after the repair, exceptional knowledge and special detergents are required. As already mentioned, cleaning the cottages after repair also involves cleaning the facade and cleaning the area, which, of course, affects the price. Contact Us

Rug cleaning – 5 Tips to Keep Your Rug Perfectly Clean


Rug cleaning London - learn 5 Tips to Keep Your Rug Perfectly Clean


Rugs can add something extra to a room's style for sure. That's why you need to take care of them. To keep the rugs in your home looking clean and beautiful, there are certain things you need to know. Rug fibres can be home to millions of microorganisms, such as mould spores, pollen particles, and dust mites. This is why regular rug cleaning is essential and not just part of an annual spring clean. You can follow some home hacks to keep rugs looking, smelling and feeling as good as new.

  Clean up the spillages immediately  As soon as a liquid is spilt onto a rug, soak it up quickly to ensure it 'doesn't penetrate the yarns. Then blot the affected area with some cotton. Keep repeating until all the liquid has been absorbed. When all the spillages are gone, leave the rug to dry completely before placing it back on the floor. The whole procedure will take several hours (usually 3 to 4 hours).    * Don't rub stains as it can cause them to become set in the fibres, instead blot them with a cloth!  Try a washable rug  That's way easier and you done don't need to take much care for it. It is simple; you choose a machine washable rug. It saves time, money and efforts.  Protect from pets  If you are an animal lover and you take care of animals, you need to pick up the right kind of rug. If you want to reduce the damage that your pet can inflict, try a short-haired carpet. It is much easier to clean. Also, dark-coloured rugs hide the chew marks or scratches. However, 'you'll take more care, but for pets love it worth it!  * Vacuum the 'drug's underside too – at least once a month. ""Recipe"" for stains Depending on the type of fabric, some rugs are better at repelling stains. A mixture of equal parts white wine vinegar, washing up liquid and warm water should remove tough stains like coffee, red wine.    

Hire a Professional

 Especially Antique carpets, Persian rugs, and other delicate pieces should be left to the professionals. (* If you have an Oriental rug – block the sunlight- it makes it fade dramatically.) These types of rugs are expensive to replace, so it pays to invest in their care to keep them in great shape. No matter what your carpet is after a while, vacuuming isn't enough to get it truly clean. Professional cleaning companies have the necessary equipment to make your rug looks like a new one!   Learn more about Rug cleaning London here. 

Upholstery Cleaning – How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Car Upholstery Cleaning London

 car_cleaning-1024x413 The clean interior of the car not only looks good, but it is also good for your health and that of your passengers. Carefully cleaning the entire interior of the car can take more than an hour. Be careful with water use inside the car. If you get water into electrical components, this can be a problem. Moreover, make sure your car will dry quickly after cleaning. Vacuum cleaner Remove the insoles from the floor. Vacuum the seats and the carpet. Use the correct vacuum cleaner tips to reach tight spots in the interior of the car, those under the places, around the pedals, and the space between the front seats and the centre console. Use a soft brush nozzle to suck up dust from the dashboard, centre console, and doors. Then use the same soft brush attachment to suck up dirt from hard-to-reach leather seats. Glass cleaning For well-cleaned glasses, you need a quality detergent and microfiber cloth. Preparations containing ammonia are incredibly unsuitable for glass, so if you use any, be careful. Removal of unpleasant odour If you want the aroma in your car to be as fresh as the day you bought it, clean and refresh more often than expected.  

How to clean the seats with fabric upholstery and door trim

Let's see how you can clean dirty stains from the upholstered seat fabric. There are several upholstery cleaners. Almost all the special preparations for this activity have good cleaning ability. The first step is to spray or apply the detergent evenly on the car's upholstery. To clean the car seat, rub it vigorously. Once the dirty spot is gone, wipe it thoroughly with a soft dry cloth. If you do not have a special detergent for cleaning upholstery, the ordinary soap will do the trick.  How to clean the leather The leather is very delicate, so it is best to use car leather cleaners. Some of them can make the leather smoother or greasy. That's why it is essential to use the best leather conditioner to restore the leather's sheen. Test the product on a small part to see if you like it. Do not use paper towels or tissues to clean the leather; they may cause scratches. How to clean the leather steering wheel Be careful with the leather steering wheel and the gear shift lever. We recommend that you do not use any leather cleaner, use a clean cotton cloth. For sticky leather steering wheels, you can use a clean microfiber towel made damp in mild soapy water for getting rid of the condition. How to clean the leather seats As mentioned earlier, use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle brush to clean the leather seats from dust. Clean carefully as the leather can easily be scratched or injured. Then spray some cleaner. Gently wipe the seats carefully, reaching into the crevices and edges. Then apply a balm that does not allow the dust to clog into the leather seats.   Check our service Upholstery Cleaning London

How to get stains out of carpet: Chocolate

How to get stains out of carpet: Chocolate - advice for Carpet cleaning

We are company, that specialize in Carpet CleaningEnd of tenancy cleaning and other cleaning services, but we can give you some advices how to get chocolate stains out of your carpet. As we all know, our carpet is so prone to stains. Yes, my carpet get stains often times since it is exposed to people as it is on the floor which we are walking on every day.  The more it is exposed to usage, the greater chances for our carpet to accumulate stains from different kinds of carpet stain sources. chocolate_carpetOur carpet can get lots of stains if we have kids. You know, kids always want to play. And they are not that aware of what they are doing. Sometimes they are eating foods and then throw it wherever. So, our carpet then gets stains. Today, I have prepared some tips on how to get stains out of carpet. Below are the steps on how to get stains out of carpet. I just chose the most common carpet stains.

How to get stains out of carpet: Chocolate

1. Whenever you saw chocolate stains on your carpet, you have to act right away. The longer we let it be there, the harder for us to remove chocolate stains from our carpet. 2. The first step on removing chocolate carpet stains is to scrape excess chocolate. If its a bit liquid you have to let it hard first by chilling with ice cubes. When its a bit harder, get a knife and scrape it. Put in on a piece of paper then throw. Once you are done scraping, you kneed to clean the knife as well to get rid of spreading the chocolate stains. 3. Checking the type of carpet is the next step. You have to check the type of carpet because for every type of carpet has certain cleaning techniques needed. For example, carpet made of natural materials like grass, sisal or wool can be damaged by too much liquid. If you arent sure what technique can be applied for your carpet then you have to contact carpet cleaning experts. 4. Prior to proper cleaning, you have to test if the carpet wont bleach with the carpet stain removal solution you are planning to use. 5. To initially clean the chocolate stains, put  over the chocolate stained area a clean cloth with alcohol. Press it using a spoon. Alcohol will take away the fat from chocolate which will make it a lot easier to remove the chocolate stains. 6. Clean the area using your detergent solution. Dampen your clean cloth and press it over the chocolate stained area. 7. Blot the area to remove extra liquids. 8. Repeat the procedure until the area is totally clean. 9. Rinse by spraying liquid then blot. 10. Let the area dry by putting putting a clean white cloth. Put some weights over the clean white cloth. Finally, it can be a difficult job, so contact us. We know how to get chocolate stains out of your carpet. Carpet Cleaning in London for only £18

Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet in all the rooms of your home, or just a few carpet rugs – there's one thing that every carpet owner has to deal with. We all need to clean our carpets. Most people who have indoor carpeting only need to do a couple of things to keep their carpet clean; vacuuming frequently and occasionally shampooing their carpet. There are instances, however, when regular routine cleaning doesn't get rid of all that's accumulated in your flooring. In these cases, following a good home carpet cleaning tip or two can really make your cleaning task a lot easier. carpet-cleaning-londonThe first home carpet cleaning tip is to vacuum. Even if you think that you're vacuuming enough, vacuum more frequently. This will help to remove dirt, hair and other particles from your carpet, and keep the surface of the carpet clean. Along with vacuuming, take your shoes off when you enter your home, and leave them at the door. That way, you won't be tracking mud, dirt and other things that have collected on your shoes onto the carpet. It will make your vacuuming job much easier, and you won't have to worry about rubbing dirt further into the carpet by walking all over in your sneakers.

A second home carpet cleaning tip

is to not use liquid shampoos to clean your carpet. Liquid shampoos, such as those used in home carpet cleaning machines, can collect in your carpet – and then they act as a collection spot for more dirt and grime. Instead, choose dry carpet shampoo, which is available in stores that sell vacuum cleaners. Also, remove any liquid shampoo residue that may already be impregnated in your carpet. Use a heavy duty steam cleaner, and mix ½ cup of vinegar to 2.5 gallons of water as your cleaning solution. This will pull out the shampoo residue as well as clean your carpet (although it may be a bit smelly).

 A third home carpet cleaning tip

is to keep a few items on hand that are good for getting rid of stains in your carpet. Club soda, soaked on a rag and dabbed onto food and red wine stains, is very effective at removing stains and is cheap and easy to use. Hydrogen peroxide, diluted with water, can also get rid of stains, such as those caused by food dyes (check to make sure that your carpet is colorfast first). Finally, keep some baking soda around; a solution made with this can get rid of pet stains.  

Finally, the most important carpet cleaning tip

-  use every 6 months professional carpet cleaning service. Let professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpets with mashines like Rotovac 360. Keeping your carpet clean takes some work, but with good care, carpet can last you for decades! Learn more about our Carpet Cleaning service 

Choosing the Right Carpet

Choosing the Right Carpet

How to choose the right carpet for our home? Have you shopped for new carpet lately? There are so many choices – finding the right one may seem tough sometimes. But one thing is certain: the right carpet choice can add a lot of personality to your home. choosing-the-right-carpet

Colors and Patterns

…selecting the right colors and patterns is a very serious consideration; in a heavily trafficked area or where there is plenty of light, a multicolored carpet will help hide inevitable stains and soils. The wealth of new carpet patterns and styles can be overwhelming, but don’t be daunted – choice is good, says Doug. Next, he says, choose the best installer.


Are they experienced? Do they follow the CRI Installation Standard? Improper carpet installation is the number one problem with new carpets.


Some carpet manufacturers offer an extended, even lifetime performance warranty with their carpet backings; having this warranty can prove worthwhile, especially if the carpet is installed in a busy walkway.


 Padding should be thicker in areas that receive considerable foot traffic. Now - some carpets are installed with no pad. Traditional roll carpeting should always be installed over a pad, approximately 1/4- to 1/2 - inch thick and designed to help support the carpet. When selecting a pad for your carpet, check the carpet manufacturer's requirements for thickness and density. The right pad forms a good foundation and provides increased insulation, making a room quieter and warmer. Fewer VOCs Low-gassing carpets release fewer volatile organic compounds into the air, an attractive feature that is beneficial to the environment and facility users. And, since most of the carpet manufactured in the U.S. today has been certified to CRI’s Green Label Plus Indoor Air Quality standard. You can be certain of buying a truly low-VOC product – one that exceeds all regulatory requirements for lowering VOC emissions. So... we just Choosing the Right Carpet  🙂  The most important thing to remember is that when investing in a new carpet, it's a good idea to choose the design you really like and the material that fits the room in which it will be placed. Also, make sure you measure the room and space available, and take your existing furniture into consideration. And don't be expensive for quality, because choosing a nice carpet means that not only will you look at it, but also that you will use it for a long period of time and it should be comfortable for you. Buy your dream carpet and Crystal Carpet Cleaners will protect it at best! Learn more about our Carpet Cleaning service 

Carpet Cleaning Standards: CRI SOA Success Story

 Carpet Cleaning Standards: CRI SOA Success Story

Professional Testing Laboratories’ President Gary Asbury

CRI Seal of Approval Formulas for Carpet Cleaning Success

High Test Standards Improve Carpet Cleaning Product Performance

It is a frequent claim here at the Carpet and Rug Institute that the Seal of Approval (SOA) testing and certification program for carpet cleaning solutions and equipment was developed primarily to increase customer satisfaction with carpet by raising the bar on cleaning performance. The rationale behind the SOA program is captured in CRI President Werner Braun’s trademark statement, “If you can measure it, you can improve it.”

The most significant testimony to the success of any testing program lies in its power to shape product performance.

What good is a standard if everyone can pass it? CRI’s claim that “Only the Best Pass the Test”, is a statement we stand behind, and CRI touts the benefits of using SOA products and Service Providers in multiple marketing efforts, including the CRI blog. We celebrate every product that passes SOA testing; no more so than when a once-failing product tries again and gets it right.

One of the key players behind the scenes of the Seal of Approval testing program is Professional Testing Laboratories President Gary Asbury

It is located in Dalton, Georgia. Professional Testing Labs is an ISO 14025 and NVLAP-certified lab that has provided federally-certified test results. Especially for all types of flooring manufacturers since 1988. In 2009, PTL performed more than 3000 batteries of tests, at an average of five tests per battery. According to Gary, PTL prides itself on helping carpet maintenance equipment and chemical manufacturers. They make better products that result in improved satisfaction for flooring consumers. Gary says he’s seen “dozens of cases” where manufacturers of carpet cleaning products that initially failed CRI’s Seal of Approval testing used what they learned from the test results to improve their products’ performance to the point where they received a passing grade the next time through. “For the most part, if a conscientious manufacturer fails the first time, they’ll go back to the drawing board,” he says. “Many times, the testing will reveal a problem they didn’t realize they had, but once they see the problem, they can fix it.”

Few of his more interesting testing stories

I asked Gary to share a few of his more interesting testing stories with CRI blog readers. Sadly, not every solutions manufacturer is willing to learn from his mistakes. As you shall see in Gary first story about a colorful carpet cleaning fat cat who wouldn’t change (or remove) his spots. “Several years ago, PTL was doing some compliance testing for a “big-box” retailer on a carpet spot remover. They were considering for inclusion in their product mix. The product failed miserably and we informed the manufacturer. Next day, the president of the manufacturing company shows up at the lab unannounced and wants to see our testing. We understood this contract meant a lot of money to him. Luckily, we still had his tested carpet samples. We took him through the process. He wanted to try his product on our test materials for himself. However we re-stained some carpet samples and let him have a go.

Normally, we let a staining agent dwell for 24 hours on a piece of carpet before we start the product testing. But there was no chance for that with this guy.

He took his product and set to work on the stains himself. It was Kool-Aid – a toughie. He rubbed and blotted on that stain until he’d just about worn the pile to a nub. But - nothing – the stain stayed put. He didn’t understand it – said the product worked great when he demonstrated it on his infomercials. He decided the problem must be with our carpet samples. So he goes and gets some of his own samples out of the trunk of his car. We could see right away what was going on – his samples were made of polypropylene – a powerfully hydrophobic fiber that shrugs off just about any wet stain. He pours Kool-Aid on one of his polypropylene samples, and shows off how his product removes the stain – obviously pleased with himself. I couldn’t believe it, but here was a guy who represented himself as an expert on carpet stain removal and he didn’t know the difference between nylon and polypropylene in terms of their stain resistance!

I’ll never forget what happened next. PTL lab chief Lee Phillips picks up another of the guy’s samples, douses it with Kool-Aid, and, without saying a word, takes it over to the sink and turns on the faucet. Of course, the running water takes the stain right out.

Needless to say, the guy lost his contract with the big box retailer. Last I heard, he was still selling his product on infomercials where his polypropylene carpet samples clean up just like magic”! In the next blog post, Gary talks about three SOA testing cases with very different outcomes…

Carpet Cleaning Standards Part 2: CRI SOA Story

Carpet Cleaning Standards Part 2

CRI Seal of Approval Formulas for Success


High Test Standards Improve Carpet Cleaning Product Performance: Part 2

[Link to Part 1 of this conversation] This is the second of two conversations I had with Professional Testing Laboratories President. Gary Asbury talks about his experience with how Seal of Approval testing helps manufacturers of failed cleaning solutions improve their product formulas. So that they pass the second time through. It is a frequent claim here at the Carpet and Rug Institute that the Seal of Approval (SOA) testing and certification program for carpet cleaning solutions. And equipment was developed primarily to increase customer satisfaction with carpet by raising the bar on cleaning performance. Above all, there is no one more able to assert the truth of that than Gary Asbury and the rest of his team at Professional Testing Laboratories.


The most significant testimony to the success of any program lies in its power to shape product performance. CRI’s claim that “Only the Best Pass the Test”, is a statement we stand behind. However, last time, Gary talked about a manufacturer who didn’t use his product’s SOA failure as a teachable moment for product improvement. Conversely today he relates some more positive examples. “A large commercial cleaning solution manufacturer presented its product to PTL for Seal of Approval testing. The company had been doing its own performance testing on their product. Likewise is commendable of them, but the problem was, they had only been comparing their product against their number one competitor. And the competition’s product had a horrible problem with accelerated resoiling. Accelerated resoiling happens when a carpet cleaning solution leaves a sticky residue behind that acts like a dirt magnet. The first manufacturer’s product performed better than its competition in terms of resoiling. But it was a far cry from being at a level that would meet the Seal of Approval requirements.

After receiving their failure notice

After receiving their failure notice, the first manufacturer was astounded. As they see the test results. they went back to the drawing board. Within three months, they had reformulated and passed the testing. Additionally, another time, a huge carpet cleaning retail supplier had a product that failed the colorfastness testing. We’d tested their product on over two dozen fiber types, colors, and constructions of carpet. The testing definitely showed their product caused a significant color change in the carpet. This was a major concern – a big manufacturer with a lot on the line. Within a week of the failure notice, the company sent a private jet to Dalton with five of their top executives on board. In two months the problem was solved.

One more example

One more example - several years ago, a high-level executive from a major retail chain visited PTL. Furthermore, the idea was to look at our testing methods and tour the facility. In fact, he was impressed with the lab, and particularly with the Seal of Approval program itself. The day after he left, he contacted every one of his suppliers. He told them to submit their products for Seal of Approval testing. It was a powerful testimony to the value of the program.” Professional Testing Labs is located in Dalton, an has an ISO 14025 and NVLAP cerftificate. It provided federally-certified test results for all types of flooring manufacturers since 1988. In 2009, PTL performed more than 3000 batteries of tests, at an average of five tests per battery. Learn more about our Carpet Cleaning service