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Professional cleaning – to hire a company or a person?

No doubt, returning to your perfectly clean home is quite pleasant and satisfying. Of course, cleaning takes up a lot of our free time. Professional cleaning is always right. Sometimes people prefer to hire a cleaner rather than a professional cleaning company. There are several, but excellent reasons to choose a professional cleaning company, rather than a person to clean it yourself. Most of them are related to the quality of the cleaning and security of your home.   Quality of detergents If you want to hire a person to clean your home, he will use the detergents you have in your home, and if you do not have everything you need - buy suitable detergents.   On the other hand, the professional cleaning company has its cleaning products - those that are for professional use. Their cleaning properties are much higher, and they deal with extremely stubborn stains and dirt. Besides, the company has sufficient quantities, so there is no way to run out of detergents during operation.   Security of your home Hiring a person to clean your home is not always safe. Of course, the cost of hiring such a person may be lower than hiring a professional cleaning company, but this does not mean that the whole service will not be even more expensive. The guarantees from the individual are often verbal and come from himself, and there is rarely a way to verify them.   At a professional cleaning company, each worker has carefully verified before being hired. The integrity of the client's belongings is of the utmost importance for a cleaning company, as any mistake can lead to its end. Therefore, recruitment takes place after an extremely detailed inspection to make sure that your home is in safe hands.   Professional cleaning and speed The individual cleaner works as fast as their professionalism allows. In most cases, this is not very fast or at the expense of quality.   The professional cleaning company has more than one worker. Also, what happens if the cleaner you hire gets sick? There will hardly be anyone to replace him/her. At a professional cleaning company, the absence of one person does not slow down the process, because there is always someone to replace him, without affecting the quality. If you want to take advantage of the professional services of a trusted company with a lot of experience, do not hesitate to contact us. Take a look at our services here or contact us, and you can see examples of our work in our gallery - https://www.crystalcarpetcleaners.co.uk/

Perfectly cleaned bathroom – The big challenge!

Probably everyone asks the questions: "How to clean the bathroom perfectly?", "Is there any way to quickly and brilliantly clean the bathroom?" Yes, there is. The secret is in the right sequence, a good brush and a little disinfectant. Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most unpleasant parts of cleaning your home. It takes the most time, effort, detergent and hard rubbing. By the time it's all over, we're ready to use the freshly cleaned bathroom with a hot shower. Here are some tips for easy and perfect bathroom cleaning:   Tip № 1: Good preparation Proper preparation in cleaning the bathroom includes:
  • Procurement of precision instruments and preparations;
  • Clean everything that is out of place, cleaning of empty bottles, packages and so on.
To prepare your detergents and utensils, take a convenient bucket and dissolve in it the right ratio of bleach or another disinfectant. Collect any excess that would interfere with cleaning and remove it from the bathroom. Here we are talking about all the shampoos, tubes, sponges, brushes and the like that we have arranged on shelves, bathtubs or tiles.   Tip № 2: Start with the hardest zones Before you start the actual brushing and scrubbing, soak whatever you need in a disinfectant.   First of all, this is the toilet bowl. Pour a decent amount of bleach, acid or other strong disinfectants into it and leave for at least 2 hours. With the places on the faience, on which scale or other heavy pollution has formed, you can do the same - soak them with the detergent. Try to provide proper ventilation. Do not leave the doors closed. Remember that fumes from such preparations are toxic. Important! Be sure to use a face mask and gloves while cleaning! You can also use an environmentally friendly version of this disinfectant. And this is ordinary baking soda and wine vinegar - a tablespoon of baking soda in half a litre of vinegar.   Tip № 3: Clean from top to bottom As with the other rooms, the ceiling-to-floor principle applies to the bathroom. Start by cleaning the cobwebs and dust. You can intentionally let them fall to the floor.   Tip № 4: The most polluted areas In this step of cleaning the bathroom, proceed to the most polluted areas - corners along with the sink, walls, bathtub. Take a powder detergent and rub these areas with it. Soda and vinegar will also do a great job. Leave to stand for half an hour. Then rinse with water.   Tip № 5: Less hard sections   You can now proceed with the Less dense areas, which do not require heavy cleaning. Take another brush or sponge and a solution with an effective faience detergent and clean these areas. Important! Be careful not to use the same sponge to clean the toilet and sink.   Tip № 6: Areas with mould or mildew Spray them with a solution of bleach or disinfectant and leave for 1 hour. Then rinse gently with water. Be careful not to rub the areas with mould. First, soak them with the detergent.   Tip № 7: Shower cleaning Do not use abrasive brushes or sponges or detergents with abrasive particles. Get a cleaner designed for shower and faucets. It is best to thoroughly soak these elements with the appropriate cleanser and leave them to act for half an hour. Then with a soft sponge or cloth, you can clean and rinse with water. To avoid drying out the water droplets on these elements, you can dry with a towel.   Tip № 8: The toilet bowl Toilet cleaning is one of the most critical areas. After you have poured a lot of disinfectant over the toilet bowl and left it to stand for 2 hours, you can proceed with the cleaning itself. Be sure to pass the areas below the edge. Attention! Start cleaning from the "cleanest" to the dirtiest areas. It is best to use a new sponge or brush for washing every time, and after finishing, you should throw away the used one.   Tip № 9: The toilet brush You can leave it in its stand by filling it not only with water, but also pour a little bleach or another strong disinfectant inside it. Replace this "mixture" regularly. For example, once a week. That will contribute many times to more excellent disinfection and hygiene of the toilet during the week.   In case you order a necessary cleaning of your home, we will clean your bathroom correctly! Call Us: 07557914387, 02036215221