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How to prepare and clean our home if we are expecting a child?

With the baby coming home, hygiene should be at a level. It is no longer just about dust removal and window blurring. How is it best to keep your home and what preparations to use? In this article, we will share useful tips.   You must clean the home thoroughly before the baby comes. In the first days after birth, his immune system is immature, and your home has to be perfectly clean. That is why a few weeks before giving birth, you can ask your future grandmother or daddy to help you clean.   Before washing the carpet with detergent, you must first obtain the dust from it. The same goes for terracotta and furniture. In this way, the active ingredients in the disinfectant and detergents will get to the hiding germs faster. Microorganisms die when cleaned with a steam cleaner. That is especially true for harmful mites, which are the leading cause of allergies and which are hidden mainly in carpets, fabrics, mattresses and pillows. Steam cleaners clean any surfaces that withstand high temperatures. They are efficient when having a baby at home as they do not use chemicals but operate at high (100 ° C) temperatures.   Direct sunlight is part of the physical methods of disinfection. If you want to destroy pathogens on your child's clothes, blanket, pillow, or plush toy, leave them in the sun for at least a few hours. It is essential to know that through the glass, the action of sunlight decreases dramatically. It is advisable to iron your child's clothes.   Dry heat is one of the most effective methods of disinfection. The high temperature of the iron destroys bacteria, viruses and spores. Laundry has the same effect. Don't worry and add bleach to your kid's white clothes. There is no danger of it irritating his skin. The chlorine contained in it will be dried at high water temperature, dried and ironed. On the other hand, be sure to rinse the baby's clothes. It is good to wash at 90 ° C.   Cleaning with preparations is part of the chemical methods of disinfection. There is no universal disinfectant. Proper selection is vital to avoid the risk of damage to the materials used to make the home furnishings. You can use chlorine-containing preparations such as bleach to disinfect your home, but you must follow the instructions carefully.  It is preferable to wash the treated surfaces once more with water. About 60% of microorganisms die after washing with detergent. When cleaning the child's toys, be sure to rinse them afterwards. It is good to boil the rubber toys and wipe the rest with 3% oxygen water. That water also is excellent to clean furniture as it has unique disinfectant properties. When disinfection is performed, it is advisable for the child to be outside for a walk.     The biggest carrier of contagion is dirty hands. Therefore, the mother should wash her hands regularly with water and soap. Only wetting your hands can be dangerous. It is essential that when you wash your hands, remove the rings and clean the areas between your fingers and under your nails.     The cutlery for the newborn must be boil at least until the child is six months of age. If you are worried, you can sterilize bottles and spoons until the child is 1 hour old. It is also essential to boil and towel and the baby's lining. Soak them in cold water, in which you can add a spoonful of baking soda or so-called Sodium bicarbonate, and let them boil for 30 minutes.     Door handles and windows are the places where most pathogens congregate. Most people do not think about how different bacteria can be transferred home with their hands. Therefore, these areas should be clean daily.    

Quick home cleaning tips

There are a lot more fun, enjoyable and romantic things in the world than home cleaning. But that must be over. In order not to waste precious moments of your life with a vacuum cleaner and a rag, we will give you some quick cleaning tips. Тhus you can spend hours with your loved ones!
  1. You must have quick and easy access to appliances and cleaners. Do not lose your motivation and strength in your search for a vacuum cleaner. Keep cleaning supplies and appliances in a comfortable place.
  1. Everything is more fun with music! Music creates a kick that helps you act faster. Prepare fast and rhythmic songs that boost your mood and make you feel good. That will help you move quicker and increase your motivation. Remove any temptations that keep you focused - TV or PC, for example.
  2. Start with the most annoying! Start cleaning with the room you clean last. If you leave the most unpleasant part in the end, you will probably experience the most annoyance and not clear it well. In the beginning, we are most effective, and after we finish the most unpleasant task, everything else will be more accessible for us.
  1. Do not waste time cleaning things that do not need cleaning Clean items that are dust and in dire need of cleaning. Do not recess.
  2. Clean in time If the stove becomes dirty while cooking, clean it immediately. If children spill juice on the floor during play, clean immediately. That will help you save time and effort in the long run.
  1. Do not use too many detergents! Usually, we use more detergent to keep it cleaner at home. However, this can have unpleasant consequences. Excess detergents can cause some surfaces to break. It may also stain. Note that some cleaners do not act instantly but must be left to break down dirt. Therefore, 1 read the instructions for use.
* Soda and vinegar have excellent cleaning properties and are completely harmless. They are also inexpensive, which is a good enough reason to include them in detergents.  
  1. Top to bottom Wines start cleaning from above and keep getting lower. Finally, leave the floor. That will avoid stains from cleaning agents.
  2. From dry to moist Start with a dry cleaning (vacuum cleaner), then move to wet cleaning. Doing so will prevent dust and dirt from spreading.
  3. Take away any appliances and supplies you have used at their place In this way, subsequent cleaning will not be hard to find next time. You will be ready faster, and you will not waste time finding a rag.
  Cleaning may not be the most enjoyable job for you, but when you do it quickly and successfully, the result will surely delight you.   If, however, you are unable or unwilling to tackle this task alone, we are here to help.