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How to clean leather car seats?

If you have a car, for sure you are wondering how to clean leather car seats. Leather upholstery is a sign of high status and a premium car. That is why the owner is always maintaining a presentable appearance of this material. Unfortunately, during operation, the leather is exposed not only to mechanical but also to aggressive substances. Those can be motor oil, technological lubricants accidentally caught in the upholstery, as well as organic fat from interaction with human skin. Given this, regular cleaning and maintenance become mandatory procedures. This will help the car to look shiny and sparking clean inside and out.

There are some rules you have to follow to clean leather car seats.

  1. Perform a full inspection of the upholstery for deep scratches, cuts, or holes formed during operation. The main danger lies in the possible penetration of cleaning and aggressive substances under the upholstery. Unfortunately it can lead to damage to the seat filler.
  2. Gather the necessary materials.

    You will need: a bucket of water, a leather cleanser, a special conditioner, a soft-bristled brush, clean silk cloth or sponge.
  3. Get a high-quality leather cleanser.

    This product is in almost any auto parts store or household chemical goods. You should avoid vinyl cleaners, as well as petroleum-based or silicone-based products. As a result they will make your upholstery look too glossy.

We advise you : You can create a handmade cleanser, just mix one part of vinegar with two pieces of linseed oil. The substance will not have an abrasive base. Therefore, it will contribute to the gentle cleaning and preservation of the product for a long time.

  1. The next step will be pre-cleaning. After you have carefully examined the surface, it is time to start. You have to first clean before using particular tools . Due to that, it will significantly speed up the process, as well as increase its efficiency.
  2. Vacuum cleaning. Before using leather cleansers, it is best to remove debris and other abrasive materials with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Useful advice to clean leather car seats: During the cleaning process, it is necessary to use nozzles with a large and soft pile to avoid mechanical damage to the coating.

  1. Pre-wet cleaning.

    To speed up the process, it is necessary to try to remove the existing spots with a slightly damp cloth. It will reduce the area of simple contamination and identify the washable areas using specialized tools.
  2. Inspect and verify the nature of the primary contaminants.

    Instead of lathering the entire front seat, you should start cleaning from a small area hidden from direct view. This will protect the whole surface from exposure to excessively aggressive detergent, and if the first experiment is unsuccessful, the resulting damage will not immediately catch the eye.
  3. The main stage is the application of a cleaning detergent to the surface.

    Those products are in the form of sprays, which significantly simplifies the dosage process. In most cases, you will need 3 to 4 sprays directly to the area of the spot. If contamination is more significant, you have to repeat one or two more times. Remember that a detailed study and following the manufacturer's instructions is the key to success in this matter.
  4. Achieve intense foaming.

    To do this, use a soft damp cloth, which makes smooth rotational movements along with the applied cleaning agent, which will allow you to get copious foam on the surface of the seats. If the process is delayed or the volume of the active substance is insufficient, you can add a little water. Leave the foam in place for a few minutes, which should be enough to destroy any surface contamination. It should be remembered that more accurate cleaning time is indicated on the bottle of the product used.
  5. Use a brush for deep cleaning.

    For areas where severe contamination is observed, a special soft brush should be used, which will destroy the surface structure of the stain and facilitate the penetration of the cleaning composition into its depth. It should be borne in mind that the intensive use of force is inappropriate here and can lead to skin damage.
  6. Remove the foam.

    After completing the main stage of the cleaning process, remove the remaining foam with a soft cloth by making smooth movements, starting from the top of the seat.

Helpful Hint: learn how to clean leather car seats: A thin fiber cloth or soft sponge is ideal for cleaning agent removal. If after the completed procedure, some of the contaminants remain, it is necessary to repeat the whole process.

  1. Clean regularly leather car seats. To avoid the formation of multiplayer spots and facilitate the cleaning process.
Helpful Hint: Clean once a month or immediately after stains. Once you remove external contaminants, consider caring for leather upholstery. Leather is a natural material that cannot maintain elasticity and color without proper attention. Lack of care for a long time will lead to abrasion of the surface layer, as well as cracking and coarsening of the upholstery. In this case, it will be almost impossible to restore the original appearance, so the costs of special procedures are mandatory. To restore the required level of oils in this material, an expensive conditioner is used, on the quality of which it is not customary to save. If you find these tips useful, but still don't want to this alone, no worries. Call us, book your appointment and leave all the rest to our professionals. We will be happy to help. Crystal Carpet Cleaners is your cleaning agency to clean leather car seats.  

How to remove rust stains in toilet?

Ever wonder how to remove rust stains in toilet? Due to heavy use, plumbing fixtures and the toilet are gradually losing their original appearance. Often, rust begins to emerge on the inside of the toilet, delivering aesthetic discomfort. The methods listed below allows you to maintain cleanliness and excellent appearance of plumbing for as long as possible.

Causes of rust stains

Rust on the surface of the toilet bowl occurs due to several factors, the key of which remains an increased concentration of iron salts in tap water. The decision will be to buy capsules or tablets, under the influence of which the chemical composition of water changes. In many cases, non-galvanized steel pipes act as a source of rust, when you use it for a long time. The best solution is to add the above tablets to the tank. In the absence of the proper effect, it is crucial to install polypropylene or metal-plastic pipes. The excellent appearance of stains contributes to the rough surface of the toilet. In particular, this applies to faience specimens. At the same time, porcelain toilets have a smoother surface that exposed to contamination. Rusty marks result from leaking tank. It is necessary to fix the problems as soon as possible because otherwise, the spots will quickly reappear.

Rust stains removal using household chemicals

These funds include the following varieties: Abrasive This group includes products whose cleaning effect is caused by the mechanical action of powder particles on contaminated sites. Apply substances to a rag or sponge, then intensively wipe the stain until it disappears. Despite the positive result, the cleaning process will take a long time. There is a high probability of damage to the integrity of the surface of the toilet bowl with small sharp particles of powder. Alkaline Means of this group do not cause damage to the surface of plumbing. They should cover the stain, and after 10-15 minutes, wash off the remaining substance with water. Be careful that alkaline household chemicals are powerless about stubborn pollution. Acidic. Under the influence of these substances, the pollution simply dissolves. They do a great job with various kinds of stains. Bear in mind that the use of these funds at home requires compliance with safety rules. Before cleaning, not forget to put gloves. Directly in the process, avoid chemically aggressive substances on the skin and eyes. Acids are suitable for faience and porcelain toilets. At the same time, it is worth abandoning their use to remove stains from an enamelled bath, because they dissolve the enamel. On a note! You should not use different household chemicals at the same time. This can not only cause unpredictable chemical reactions but also damage the surface of the toilet.

Folk recipes for removing rust stain

Dampen a rag in vinegar and put on a contaminated area. After 30 minutes or an hour, rinse this place with water. If there is no cleaning agent, you can clean the surface of the toilet bowl from rust stains as follows: Apply toothpaste to the desired area and brush. Dampen a rag with a drink such as Cola, Sprite, or Fanta, placing it in a contaminated area. After some time, rinse this place with water. Coat the stain with battery electrolyte. After 15 minutes, rinse off the liquid. If something doesn’t work out, order an apartment cleaning from our cleaning company. Cleaning the bathroom is included with anyone with packages. For the plumbing to maintain its original appearance for as long as possible, it is necessary to regularly clean and timely eliminate potential breakdowns. At the stage of buying plumbing fixtures, it is appropriate to opt for specimens with the presence of water-repellent glaze, which prevents the occurrence of pollution. However, if you don't want to do this alone, feel free to contact us. Our specialists will be glad to help! Book your appointment and see for yourself.