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Why you should choose professional cleaning service?

The repair is over, but the apartment still does not shine with cleanliness and novelty. And all because cleaning up after the repair is ahead - the task is not simple. The specialists Crystal Carpet have prepared five quick and easy tricks! We provide professional cleaning services as we cover all London areas.

We clean each room separately

Trying to clean the whole apartment at once is a waste of time and effort, the dirt will only be spread over all the rooms. Therefore, experienced "repairmen" are advised to clean each room separately. For example, completely clean the bedroom, then close the door to it, and put a damp rag on the threshold. This is necessary so that dust from other rooms does not fly into a clean room.

We deal with building dust

Building dust is the hardest to remove; it is in the air for several months after repairs. But it can be removed in one day, although you will have to act in several approaches. First, you need to wet the walls and ceilings with a wet broom. Then scoop up the bulk of the building dust from the floor and put it in trash bags. After that, you should scatter slightly moist sawdust (or clean wood filler for cat litter) around the room, and after 10 minutes, sweep the floor with a brush or a broom. After that, vacuum the remaining dust with a normal vacuum cleaner and wash the floors with a water-salt solution. Please note – our experts advise that only the remains of construction dust can be removed with a household vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the device will burn out.

Wipe cement

Cement stains are difficult to scrub, especially if they remain on the new floor. But there is a secret: pour dried glue with warm water and wait 10-15 minutes. After that, scrape the stain with an office knife - wet cement will quickly crumble and easily move away from the tile. Cement residues can be carefully cleaned with fine sandpaper.

Remove paint

Stains of paint can be everywhere: on glass, tile, flooring, plumbing. How to clean the paint? Using an ordinary iron sponge, rubbing it thoroughly with a stain. If you are afraid to leave scratches, then use a milder option. To do this, soak a microfiber cloth with vegetable oil and attach it to a stain of paint, and after a minute, begin to wipe off the pollution. The oil will dissolve the paint and the stain will slowly but surely soften and disappear.

We clean the tile

The tile should be vacuumed well first. This should be done quickly until the dirt is eaten into the pipes. After that, rinse the tile with warm water and baby soap and wipe it dry with a waffle towel to give it a shine. What should I do if there are traces of sealant, glue or putty on the tile? Regular vinegar will help to remove them. Soak a cloth with vinegar and wipe the dirt thoroughly.   Note! Cleaning after repair takes a lot of time, and more and more people prefer to use the services of a cleaning company. The professionals from Crystal Carpet Cleaners have extensive experience, as well as specialized tools so that you can restore the perfect order of your home in one day! Call us now and book your appointment!

Mattress cleaning – how to do it?

Mattress cleaning service provides us with a healthy environment. When we regularly replace our linen, wash our curtains and carpet, clean our sofa and armchairs, we remove not only the visible dirt but also the millions of harmful microorganisms, also known as mites. Called home or dust, they penetrate all modern homes and live in bedding, carpets, and mattresses. If you feel you need a thorough home cleaning, consult a hygienist.

People think that as long as you cover the mattress with a sheet or bedding, it is enough to wash only them.

However, the truth is that an average mattress contains from 10 thousand to 10 million acres, which feed on particles of dead human skin and remove moisture from the body. These harmful microorganisms cause allergies, asthma and lung diseases. Also, the mattress retains bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, moisture, dust, allergens. Therefore, cleaning is essential and very healthy.

What do we need to do to clean the mattress?

With soda, it is natural and harmless to clean the dirt. Here's how to remove all harmful microorganisms:
  1. Put the sheets and bedding on your bed in the washing machine and wash them at a higher temperature.
  2. Pour a cup of baking soda into a small jar and add a few drops of lavender essential oil. You can also use oil with a different scent, but lavender is preferable because it repels any parasites, even mosquitoes and moths.
  3. Then close the jar and shake it tightly as a shaker. This will mix the soda and the essential oil.
  4. Take a sizeable fine filter and pour enough of the mixture into the jar.
  5. Slide the strainer on the mattress by tapping it with your finger so that it is sprinkled all over the mixture. Leave it for at least one hour. This time is necessary for the soda to absorb moisture, dirt and odors from the mattress.
  6. Then, with a vacuum cleaner, thoroughly clean the mixture and any dirt that it has absorbed.

Ready! Your mattress is cleaner and fresher now!

Test this trick and see if it works. Apply it once every two months or so, and the bed will be even more delightful than ever. When it comes to cleaning a mattress, the question is not only how to properly treat unpleasant spots and dirt, but also how to keep our beds in good condition.

Some simple rules help us enjoy a clean and comfortable mattress longer.

It is essential to ventilate the mattress at least once a year. Best at low temperatures (cold weather) and then left standing for up to 30 minutes at room temperature. Don't underestimate Mites which are the most common pollutants. Small arachnids are generally not dangerous, but their faces cause allergies and skin irritation in many people. Therefore, you have to ventilate the mattresses to chase away heat-loving mites.

Do not underestimate machine washing.

There are times when home cleaning does not help. Then it is good to turn to professionals. The cleaning of the mattresses varies between 20 and 60 BGN depending on the size of the bed and its degree of pollution. The investment is worth it because good hygiene for mattresses is at the heart of their longer life. If you are unable to handle your mattress cleaning yourself and are looking for a professional mattress cleaning service, we at Crystal Carpеt Cleaners recommend that you contact us. Our professionals are on hand, ready to handle any dirt and problems.