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Rug cleaning – 5 Tips to Keep Your Rug Perfectly Clean


Rug cleaning London – learn 5 Tips to Keep Your Rug Perfectly Clean


Rugs can add something extra to a room’s style for sure. That’s why you need to take care of them. To keep the rugs in your home looking clean and beautiful, there are certain things you need to know. Rug fibres can be home to millions of microorganisms, such as mould spores, pollen particles, and dust mites. This is why regular rug cleaning is essential and not just part of an annual spring clean. You can follow some home hacks to keep rugs looking, smelling and feeling as good as new.


Clean up the spillages immediately

 As soon as a liquid is spilt onto a rug, soak it up quickly to ensure it ‘doesn’t penetrate the yarns. Then blot the affected area with some cotton. Keep repeating until all the liquid has been absorbed. When all the spillages are gone, leave the rug to dry completely before placing it back on the floor. The whole procedure will take several hours (usually 3 to 4 hours).


 * Don’t rub stains as it can cause them to become set in the fibres, instead blot them with a cloth!

 Try a washable rug

 That’s way easier and you done don’t need to take much care for it. It is simple; you choose a machine washable rug. It saves time, money and efforts.

 Protect from pets

 If you are an animal lover and you take care of animals, you need to pick up the right kind of rug. If you want to reduce the damage that your pet can inflict, try a short-haired carpet. It is much easier to clean. Also, dark-coloured rugs hide the chew marks or scratches. However, ‘you’ll take more care, but for pets love it worth it!

 * Vacuum the ‘drug’s underside too – at least once a month. “”Recipe”” for stains

Depending on the type of fabric, some rugs are better at repelling stains. A mixture of equal parts white wine vinegar, washing up liquid and warm water should remove tough stains like coffee, red wine.



Hire a Professional

 Especially Antique carpets, Persian rugs, and other delicate pieces should be left to the professionals. (* If you have an Oriental rug – block the sunlight- it makes it fade dramatically.) These types of rugs are expensive to replace, so it pays to invest in their care to keep them in great shape. No matter what your carpet is after a while, vacuuming isn’t enough to get it truly clean. Professional cleaning companies have the necessary equipment to make your rug looks like a new one! 

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Upholstery Cleaning – How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Car Upholstery Cleaning London


The clean interior of the car not only looks good, but it is also good for your health and that of your passengers. Carefully cleaning the entire interior of the car can take more than an hour. Be careful with water use inside the car. If you get water into electrical components, this can be a problem. Moreover, make sure your car will dry quickly after cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner

Remove the insoles from the floor. Vacuum the seats and the carpet. Use the correct vacuum cleaner tips to reach tight spots in the interior of the car, those under the places, around the pedals, and the space between the front seats and the centre console. Use a soft brush nozzle to suck up dust from the dashboard, centre console, and doors. Then use the same soft brush attachment to suck up dirt from hard-to-reach leather seats.

Glass cleaning

For well-cleaned glasses, you need a quality detergent and microfiber cloth. Preparations containing ammonia are incredibly unsuitable for glass, so if you use any, be careful.

Removal of unpleasant odour

If you want the aroma in your car to be as fresh as the day you bought it, clean and refresh more often than expected.


How to clean the seats with fabric upholstery and door trim

Let’s see how you can clean dirty stains from the upholstered seat fabric.

There are several upholstery cleaners. Almost all the special preparations for this activity have good cleaning ability. The first step is to spray or apply the detergent evenly on the car’s upholstery. To clean the car seat, rub it vigorously. Once the dirty spot is gone, wipe it thoroughly with a soft dry cloth. If you do not have a special detergent for cleaning upholstery, the ordinary soap will do the trick. 

How to clean the leather

The leather is very delicate, so it is best to use car leather cleaners. Some of them can make the leather smoother or greasy. That’s why it is essential to use the best leather conditioner to restore the leather’s sheen. Test the product on a small part to see if you like it. Do not use paper towels or tissues to clean the leather; they may cause scratches.

How to clean the leather steering wheel

Be careful with the leather steering wheel and the gear shift lever. We recommend that you do not use any leather cleaner, use a clean cotton cloth. For sticky leather steering wheels, you can use a clean microfiber towel made damp in mild soapy water for getting rid of the condition.

How to clean the leather seats

As mentioned earlier, use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle brush to clean the leather seats from dust. Clean carefully as the leather can easily be scratched or injured. Then spray some cleaner. Gently wipe the seats carefully, reaching into the crevices and edges. Then apply a balm that does not allow the dust to clog into the leather seats.


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