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Car Upholstery Cleaning



Car Upholstery Cleaning Price

Number of Seats
Fabric Leather Fabric & Leather
2 seats £59  £69 £79
5 seats £59 £79 £89
6+1 seats £65 £85 £95


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Hοw tο Remove Stains οn Carpet

Getting a stain οn уουr carpeting саn bе disheartening, bυt уου′ll bе relieved tο know thаt mοѕt stains саn bе removed bу using thе assess procedures аnd products. Thе sooner уου treat a spill οr accident, thе better уουr chances thаt уου wіll reduce hυrt аnd bе аblе tο successfully remove thе stain. Whеn уου bυу nеw carpet, cleaning instructions аrе οftеn included аnd уου wουld bе wise tο file thіѕ іn rank whеrе уου саn easily refer tο іt аѕ soon аѕ a mishap occurs.

Whеn a spill οr accident happens, pick up solid matter аt once thеn υѕе dry white paper towels οr сlеаn terry cloths tο soak up thе liquid. Blot thе spill frοm thе outside effective іn; don’t rub οr scrub thе stain, аѕ thіѕ mау inadvertently set thе stain. Aftеr blotting іt bу hand, рlасе a fresh towel οn thе stain аnd weight іt down wіth a heavy object tο remove аѕ much liquid аѕ possible.


Boy, girl and dog sleeping covered with a blanket.Stain Removers
Commercial stain removers аrе available аt уουr local supermarket, hardware οr home enhancement store. Check thе mаrk fοr уουr point type οf stain; ѕοmе аrе specifically formulated fοr wine, coffee οr pet stains. Particular household products саn remove point stains; fοr example, уου саn treat a red wine stain аt once аftеr blotting wіth club soda tο lift thе stain frοm carpet fibers. Coffee аnd tea stains саn bе removed wіth dishwashing liquid; mix іt іn a small container wіth water аnd blot thе stain, thеn rinse аnd blot dry. One раrt white vinegar mixed wіth two раrtѕ water саn аlѕο bе used tο remove coffee, tea οr food based stains.

Always test аnу stain remover in аn inconspicuous spot аnd examine thе treated area fοr color changes οr bleaching οf thе color. If уου dο nοt notice аnу adverse effects, carefully follow mаrk directions fοr point instructions οn treating thе stain, repeating аѕ recommended until thе stain іѕ successfully removed.

If you are not sure how to handle with stains your most rational choise is to call professional carpet cleaning company!

Remedies fοr Tough Stains
Grease, ink, tar аnd blood stains аrе harder tο remove аnd brake cleaner οr dry cleaning solution mау work better thаn store bουght stain removers. Brake cleaner іѕ designed tο remove grease аnd chemical residue аnd dry cleaning solution іѕ formulated tο removed οthеr tough stains. Apply a small amount οf thе еіthеr solution tο a сlеаn cloth аnd blot thе stain. If уουr problem іѕ pet stains аnd odors, уουr local pet supply store carries enzyme cleaners thаt саn remove thе stain аnd odor; bυt, уου wіll hаνе tο treat thе pad аѕ well аѕ thе carpet.

Steam Cleaners аnd Vacuuming Products
A steam cleaner іѕ a ехсеllеnt appliance tο hаνе οn hand, especially іf уου hаνе children аnd/οr pets. Yου′ll find hand held models аnd lаrgеr models similar tο аn upright vacuum cleaner. Yου саn υѕе thеm tο сlеаn stains аѕ thеу happen аnd аlѕο fοr routine cleaning οf уουr carpets аnd upholstery. A wet/dry shop vacuum іѕ аlѕο handy fοr vacuuming up wet stains; once thе liquid іѕ removed уου саn follow up wіth a shop/vac tο rinse thе affected area аnd vacuum away remaining moisture. Thеrе аrе аlѕο several products οn thе market thаt саn bе applied аnd scrubbed іntο dry stains аnd vacuumed away; thеіr effectiveness depends οn thе severity οf thе stain аnd hοw long іt hаѕ bееn set іn thе carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Standards: CRI SOA Success Story

Professional Testing Laboratories’ President Gary Asbury

CRI Seal of Approval Formulas for Carpet Cleaning Success

High Test Standards Improve Carpet Cleaning Product Performance

It is a frequent claim here at the Carpet and Rug Institute that the Seal of Approval (SOA) testing and certification program for carpet cleaning solutions and equipment was developed primarily to increase customer satisfaction with carpet by raising the bar on cleaning performance. The rationale behind the SOA program is captured in CRI President Werner Braun’s trademark statement, “If you can measure it, you can improve it.”

The most significant testimony to the success of any testing program lies in its power to shape product performance. What good is a standard if everyone can pass it? CRI’s claim that “Only the Best Pass the Test”, is a statement we stand behind, and CRI touts the benefits of using SOA products and Service Providers in multiple marketing efforts, including the CRI blog. We celebrate every product that passes SOA testing; no more so than when a once-failing product tries again and gets it right.

One of the key players behind the scenes of the Seal of Approval testing program is Professional Testing Laboratories President Gary Asbury. Located in Dalton, Georgia, Professional Testing Labs is an ISO 14025 and NVLAP-certified lab that has provided federally-certified test results for all types of flooring manufacturers since 1988. In 2009, PTL performed more than 3000 batteries of tests, at an average of five tests per battery. According to Gary, PTL prides itself on helping carpet maintenance equipment and chemical manufacturers make better products that result in improved satisfaction for flooring consumers.

Gary says he’s seen “dozens of cases” where manufacturers of carpet cleaning products that initially failed CRI’s Seal of Approval testing used what they learned from the test results to improve their products’ performance to the point where they received a passing grade the next time through.

For the most part, if a conscientious manufacturer fails the first time, they’ll go back to the drawing board,” he says. “Many times, the testing will reveal a problem they didn’t realize they had, but once they see the problem, they can fix it.”

I asked Gary to share a few of his more interesting testing stories with CRI blog readers. Sadly, not every solutions manufacturer is willing to learn from his mistakes, as you shall see in Gary first story about a colorful carpet cleaning fat cat who wouldn’t change (or remove) his spots.

“Several years ago, PTL was doing some compliance testing for a “big-box” retailer on a carpet spot remover they were considering for inclusion in their product mix. The product failed miserably and we informed the manufacturer. Next day, the president of the manufacturing company shows up at the lab unannounced and wants to see our testing. We understood this contract meant a lot of money to him, and luckily, we still had his tested carpet samples, so we took him through the process. He wanted to try his product on our test materials for himself, so we re-stained some carpet samples and let him have a go.

Normally, we let a staining agent dwell for 24 hours on a piece of carpet before we start the product testing, but there was no chance for that with this guy. He took his product and set to work on the stains himself. It was Kool-Aid – a toughie. He rubbed and blotted on that stain until he’d just about worn the pile to a nub, but – nothing – the stain stayed put. He didn’t understand it – said the product worked great when he demonstrated it on his infomercials.

He decided the problem must be with our carpet samples, so he goes and gets some of his own samples out of the trunk of his car. We could see right away what was going on – his samples were made of polypropylene – a powerfully hydrophobic fiber that shrugs off just about any wet stain. He pours Kool-Aid on one of his polypropylene samples, and shows off how his product removes the stain – obviously pleased with himself. I couldn’t believe it, but here was a guy who represented himself as an expert on carpet stain removal and he didn’t know the difference between nylon and polypropylene in terms of their stain resistance!

I’ll never forget what happened next. PTL lab chief Lee Phillips picks up another of the guy’s samples, douses it with Kool-Aid, and, without saying a word, takes it over to the sink and turns on the faucet. Of course, the running water takes the stain right out.

Needless to say, the guy lost his contract with the big box retailer. Last I heard, he was still selling his product on infomercials where his polypropylene carpet samples clean up just like magic”!

In the next blog post, Gary talks about three SOA testing cases with very different outcomes…

End of tenancy cleaning London

end-of-tenancy-cleaning-londonIt’s time to vacate your property and move on to a new destination? You know what has to follow now before you get your safety deposit back and are free to start your new tenancy – a thorough end of tenancy cleaning.

You can expect for every property owner, letting agent and estate agent to perform a full property inspection before taking over your keys. Crystal Carpet Cleaners employs top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to eliminate even the smallest stain according to the latest and fullest end of tenancy London standards. Our team is here to help you reclaim your deposit in a flash.

It’s most common to order professional cleaning in London for end of tenancy purposes, but this combination of our basic clean and deep clean services is also useful for when you’ve had a major renovation take place on your property or your home hasn’t been lived in for long stretches of time.

We pay attention to every room from your kitchen and bathroom to your bedroom and sitting room with an emphasis on every surface including carpeting and textiles, floors, glass, wood, metal and plastic.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning in London

You’ve been there and gone through the tedious, draining and expensive process behind a house move. You know from experience that at the end of the road, you’re too tired to clean a whole house or a smaller flat on your own. Property agents use very different standards as to what clean means and it’s best to leave this task to the professionals who know the ways of London end of tenancy cleaning.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners has been helping tenants comply with their tenancy agreements for the last 5 years and recover their full deposit or bond money. We’ve developed a streamlined service that spares you time and thus is highly flexible and achieves its goal – leave your flat, house or bungalow in pristine condition without any sign of occupancy visible. You receive deep cleaning of every service to remove ingrained dirt, dust buildup, stains, fingerprints and impermanent discoloration. The cleaning begins at the top and systematically goes through every nook, corner and cranny where dust might get in, following a check list based on the current cleanliness standards estate agents use during their inspections. Special attention is given to kitchen areas and the bathroom. At the end, we leave your property even cleaner than you’ve seen it moving in and definitely refreshed.

Tenancy Cleaning Move In/Out

An end of tenancy clean in London is not something you can leave for the last moment and is best performed when there’s open spaces and as few personal possessions as possible. This is done to minimize the possibility for dust residues, shorten performance time and also help achieve a better standard when cleaning floors and washing carpets.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners recommend you move out completely or, in the case you need to move into a new property, wait until you move in at all before going through lease cleaning. In case your property is fully furnished, we have the man power and equipment to get the desired results with furniture in your house or flat.

As we mentioned, property agents in London follow a comprehensive cleaning checklist to estimate whether you’ve fulfilled all your responsibilities as a tenant. We use the same list to achieve the desired results. Our professionalism and experience has made us into one of the top recommendations among London property agents.

After Builders Cleaning Services

Sometimes, nothing else will get your home cleaned right except end of tenancy services in London. One such case is having builders do major work in your house of flat. You’re left with specific stains, dirt and debris that make cleaning your home on your own hard, tiring and complicated. Just leave it to the professionals. That’s why we’re here.

We gear up with the proper deep cleaning detergents and equipment to remove even the thickest layers of dust, grime and pain on all surface type – hardwood, linoleum, plastic, glass and wood among others. You can count on us to handle every single cleaning task to make sure indoor air quality is within the norms. Crystal Carpet Cleaners also performs window cleaning, sofa cleaning, curtain steam cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. If you have any specific questions about what we do, give us a call at [number].

Areas We Cover

Here is where you can find all the areas we currently service in London. We’ve been very fortunate to grow as a company and add more areas. If you’re not seeing your area in London, give us a call because we’re always working towards widening our reach and help as many tenants as possible win their full deposits back.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Crystal Carpet Cleaners wishes to save you as much money on your end of lease cleaning as possible, which is why you won’t find flat fees here. What we do is calculate the price of our services based on how big your property is. You’ll find a full list of individual charges, which you can use to calculate how much getting your property cleaned will cost.

The property type price is formulated not only by the size of the property, but also by the different cleaning tasks that need to be performed and their difficulty to fulfill. Moreover, the price can differ according to the number of property rooms: + 1 bedroom; + 2 bedrooms; and if the service is including carpet cleaning or excluding it. +1 bathroom or +2 bathrooms are also taken into account when measuring property end of tenancy price.

Cleaning end of tenancy prices

End of tenancy clean price depends on the type of your property.You can calculate by yourself an average price using the table below. The property type price was formulated not only by the size of the property, but also by the different cleaning tasks that need to be performed and their difficulty. Moreover, the price can differ according to the number of property rooms: + 1 bedroom; + 2 bedrooms; and if the service is including carpet cleaning or excluding it. +1 bathroom or +2 bathrooms are also taken into account when measuring property end of tenancy price.

See our competetive prices:

End of Tenancy Cleaning flat house
Studio flat £115  
One bedroom property £140 £160
Two bedroom property £180 £200
Three bedroom property £210 £240
Four bedroom property £240 £270
Five bedroom property £270 £300
+£30 per extra bathroom, bedroom
+£25 per extra toilet


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Don’t hesitate to call us and book a service whenever you need professional end of tenancy cleaners in London and Greater London. Our end of tenancy cleaning service is available seven days a week, including weekends and bank holidays.

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