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Car Upholstery Cleaning



Car Upholstery Cleaning Price

Number of Seats
Fabric Leather Fabric & Leather
2 seats £59  £69 £79
5 seats £59 £79 £89
6+1 seats £65 £85 £95


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Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet in all the rooms of your home, or just a few carpet rugs – there’s one thing that every carpet owner has to deal with. We all need to clean our carpets. Most people who have indoor carpeting only need to do a couple of things to keep their carpet clean; vacuuming frequently and occasionally shampooing their carpet. There are instances, however, when regular routine cleaning doesn’t get rid of all that’s accumulated in your flooring. In these cases, following a good home carpet cleaning tip or two can really make your cleaning task a lot easier.

carpet-cleaning-londonThe first home carpet cleaning tip is to vacuum. Even if you think that you’re vacuuming enough, vacuum more frequently. This will help to remove dirt, hair and other particles from your carpet, and keep the surface of the carpet clean. Along with vacuuming, take your shoes off when you enter your home, and leave them at the door. That way, you won’t be tracking mud, dirt and other things that have collected on your shoes onto the carpet. It will make your vacuuming job much easier, and you won’t have to worry about rubbing dirt further into the carpet by walking all over in your sneakers.




A second home carpet cleaning tip is to not use liquid shampoos to clean your carpet. Liquid shampoos, such as those used in home carpet cleaning machines, can collect in your carpet – and then they act as a collection spot for more dirt and grime. Instead, choose dry carpet shampoo, which is available in stores that sell vacuum cleaners. Also, remove any liquid shampoo residue that may already be impregnated in your carpet. Use a heavy duty steam cleaner, and mix ½ cup of vinegar to 2.5 gallons of water as your cleaning solution. This will pull out the shampoo residue as well as clean your carpet (although it may be a bit smelly).



 A third home carpet cleaning tip is to keep a few items on hand that are good for getting rid of stains in your carpet. Club soda, soaked on a rag and dabbed onto food and red wine stains, is very effective at removing stains and is cheap and easy to use. Hydrogen peroxide, diluted with water, can also get rid of stains, such as those caused by food dyes (check to make sure that your carpet is colorfast first). Finally, keep some baking soda around; a solution made with this can get rid of pet stains.




Finally, the most important carpet cleaning tip–  use every 6 months professional carpet cleaning service. Let professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpets with mashines like Rotovac 360.

Keeping your carpet clean takes some work, but with good care, carpet can last you for decades!

How to Remove Paint from Carpet

The reason why “How to Remove Paint from Carpet” is the next article to be published by carpet stain removal guide is that paint can be the most damaging stains on your carpet if you will not act right away to remove it. Thus learning how to remove paint from carpet is a must for we don’t know during home or just room renovation periods our carpet could accidentally get them.

Whenever you’ve accidentally spilled some paint on your carpet you have to act right away. You have the chance to revive you carpet while its wet but if the paint is already dry there is a great possibility that your carpet has already been damaged.

The following tips on how to remove paint from carpet are, I believe, of great help if you are in this certain circumstance, but if you not sure what to call our Carpet Cleaners in London area.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-image35417150Tips for Water Based Paints

Water based paints can just be removed by using soapy water and simple blot and dry method. Just follow the steps below.

Scrape excess water based paint. The first thing you have to do is to remove excess latex paint by scraping it with spoon or dull knife. You may also use cloth. Just blot it over to absorb the excess water based paint.
Use sponge, dipped in water, to blot over the area. Do it from outer to inner part of the area.
Prepare a dishwashing solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent and a cup of warm water.
Now you have to blot the area with this solution using either sponge or cloth.
Repeat the procedure until no trace of paint can be seen by eyes.
Rinse with water then blot to dry.



Oil Based Paints

Oil based paints are a bit harder to remove compared to water based paints since oil based paints can not be removed by just applying water and detergent. The best solvent to use on oil based paint is dry cleaning solvent. Steps are given below.

Pour a little bit of dry cleaning solution on the affected area.
Get a dampen towel or rag and blot or dab the area. Do this, again, from outer to inner.
Spray the area with your detergent solution then blot the area to absorb the solution. This time, the paint should be removed.
Rinse the carpet by spraying or pouring some water then blot to absorb the moisture.
Let the area dry totally before letting anybody else to use or step on it to avoid any additional dirt or stain.
Tips and Warning

Avoid spreading the paint by just blotting and blotting. Never ever rub the area.
If the paint is already dry its better to call some carpet cleaning experts to clean it to avoid or get rid any carpet damage.


Carpet Cleaning Standards Part 2: CRI SOA Story

CRI Seal of Approval Formulas for Success


High Test Standards Improve Carpet Cleaning Product Performance: Part 2

[Link to Part 1 of this conversation]

This is the second of two conversations I had with Professional Testing Laboratories PresidentGary Asbury talking about his experience with how Seal of Approval testing helps manufacturers of failed cleaning solutions improve their product formulas so that they pass the second time through. It is a frequent claim here at the Carpet and Rug Institute that the Seal of Approval (SOA) testing and certification program for carpet cleaning solutions and equipment was developed primarily to increase customer satisfaction with carpet by raising the bar on cleaning performance – and there is no one more able to assert the truth of that than Gary Asbury and the rest of his team at Professional Testing Laboratories.

The most significant testimony to the success of any testing program lies in its power to shape product performance, right? What good is a standard if everyone can pass it? CRI’s claim that “Only the Best Pass the Test”, is a statement we stand behind.

Last time, Gary talked about a manufacturer who didn’t use his product’s SOA failure as a teachable moment for product improvement, but today he relates some more positive examples.

“A large commercial cleaning solution manufacturer presented its product to PTL for Seal of Approval testing. The company had been doing its own performance testing on their product – which is commendable of them, but the problem was, they had only been comparing their product against their number one competitor, and the competition’s product had a horrible problem with accelerated resoiling. Accelerated resoiling happens when a carpet cleaning solution leaves a sticky residue behind that acts like a dirt magnet. The first manufacturer’s product performed better than its competition in terms of resoiling, but it was a far cry from being at a level that would meet the Seal of Approval requirements.

After receiving their failure notice, the first manufacturer was astounded. But, after looking at the test results and seeing the problem, they went back to the drawing board, and within three months, they had reformulated and passed the testing.

Another time, a huge carpet cleaning retail supplier had a product that failed the colorfastness testing. We’d tested their product on over two dozen fiber types, colors, and constructions of carpet, and the testing definitely showed their product caused a significant color change in the carpet after it was exposed to light. This was a major concern – a big manufacturer with a lot on the line. Within a week of the failure notice, the company sent a private jet to Dalton with five of their top executives on board. In two months the problem was solved.

One more example – several years ago, a fairly high-level executive from a major retail chain visited PTL to look at our testing methods and tour the facility. He was impressed with the lab, and particularly impressed with the Seal of Approval program itself. The day after he left, he contacted every one of his suppliers and told them to submit their products for Seal of Approval testing. It was a powerful testimony to the value of the program.”

Located in Dalton, Georgia, Professional Testing Labs is an ISO 14025 and NVLAP-certified lab that has provided federally-certified test results for all types of flooring manufacturers since 1988. In 2009, PTL performed more than 3000 batteries of tests, at an average of five tests per battery.

End of tenancy cleaning London

end-of-tenancy-cleaning-londonIt’s time to vacate your property and move on to a new destination? You know what has to follow now before you get your safety deposit back and are free to start your new tenancy – a thorough end of tenancy cleaning.

You can expect for every property owner, letting agent and estate agent to perform a full property inspection before taking over your keys. Crystal Carpet Cleaners employs top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to eliminate even the smallest stain according to the latest and fullest end of tenancy London standards. Our team is here to help you reclaim your deposit in a flash.

It’s most common to order professional cleaning in London for end of tenancy purposes, but this combination of our basic clean and deep clean services is also useful for when you’ve had a major renovation take place on your property or your home hasn’t been lived in for long stretches of time.

We pay attention to every room from your kitchen and bathroom to your bedroom and sitting room with an emphasis on every surface including carpeting and textiles, floors, glass, wood, metal and plastic.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning in London

You’ve been there and gone through the tedious, draining and expensive process behind a house move. You know from experience that at the end of the road, you’re too tired to clean a whole house or a smaller flat on your own. Property agents use very different standards as to what clean means and it’s best to leave this task to the professionals who know the ways of London end of tenancy cleaning.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners has been helping tenants comply with their tenancy agreements for the last 5 years and recover their full deposit or bond money. We’ve developed a streamlined service that spares you time and thus is highly flexible and achieves its goal – leave your flat, house or bungalow in pristine condition without any sign of occupancy visible. You receive deep cleaning of every service to remove ingrained dirt, dust buildup, stains, fingerprints and impermanent discoloration. The cleaning begins at the top and systematically goes through every nook, corner and cranny where dust might get in, following a check list based on the current cleanliness standards estate agents use during their inspections. Special attention is given to kitchen areas and the bathroom. At the end, we leave your property even cleaner than you’ve seen it moving in and definitely refreshed.

Tenancy Cleaning Move In/Out

An end of tenancy clean in London is not something you can leave for the last moment and is best performed when there’s open spaces and as few personal possessions as possible. This is done to minimize the possibility for dust residues, shorten performance time and also help achieve a better standard when cleaning floors and washing carpets.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners recommend you move out completely or, in the case you need to move into a new property, wait until you move in at all before going through lease cleaning. In case your property is fully furnished, we have the man power and equipment to get the desired results with furniture in your house or flat.

As we mentioned, property agents in London follow a comprehensive cleaning checklist to estimate whether you’ve fulfilled all your responsibilities as a tenant. We use the same list to achieve the desired results. Our professionalism and experience has made us into one of the top recommendations among London property agents.

After Builders Cleaning Services

Sometimes, nothing else will get your home cleaned right except end of tenancy services in London. One such case is having builders do major work in your house of flat. You’re left with specific stains, dirt and debris that make cleaning your home on your own hard, tiring and complicated. Just leave it to the professionals. That’s why we’re here.

We gear up with the proper deep cleaning detergents and equipment to remove even the thickest layers of dust, grime and pain on all surface type – hardwood, linoleum, plastic, glass and wood among others. You can count on us to handle every single cleaning task to make sure indoor air quality is within the norms. Crystal Carpet Cleaners also performs window cleaning, sofa cleaning, curtain steam cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. If you have any specific questions about what we do, give us a call at [number].

Areas We Cover

Here is where you can find all the areas we currently service in London. We’ve been very fortunate to grow as a company and add more areas. If you’re not seeing your area in London, give us a call because we’re always working towards widening our reach and help as many tenants as possible win their full deposits back.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Crystal Carpet Cleaners wishes to save you as much money on your end of lease cleaning as possible, which is why you won’t find flat fees here. What we do is calculate the price of our services based on how big your property is. You’ll find a full list of individual charges, which you can use to calculate how much getting your property cleaned will cost.

The property type price is formulated not only by the size of the property, but also by the different cleaning tasks that need to be performed and their difficulty to fulfill. Moreover, the price can differ according to the number of property rooms: + 1 bedroom; + 2 bedrooms; and if the service is including carpet cleaning or excluding it. +1 bathroom or +2 bathrooms are also taken into account when measuring property end of tenancy price.

Cleaning end of tenancy prices

End of tenancy clean price depends on the type of your property.You can calculate by yourself an average price using the table below. The property type price was formulated not only by the size of the property, but also by the different cleaning tasks that need to be performed and their difficulty. Moreover, the price can differ according to the number of property rooms: + 1 bedroom; + 2 bedrooms; and if the service is including carpet cleaning or excluding it. +1 bathroom or +2 bathrooms are also taken into account when measuring property end of tenancy price.

See our competetive prices:

End of Tenancy Cleaning flat house
Studio flat £115  
One bedroom property £140 £160
Two bedroom property £180 £200
Three bedroom property £210 £240
Four bedroom property £240 £270
Five bedroom property £270 £300
+£30 per extra bathroom, bedroom
+£25 per extra toilet


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